Eric Cornelissen

Hey there 👋 I'm software engineering and open source enthusiast with an interest in security and usability. You can find me and my work right here or at the links below.


Simplex and PDDL implementation for scheduling autonomous cars on an intersection.


A project done for an Artificial Intelligence course at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We implemented a description of an intersection which can be solved using a PDDL solver, but is very limited. We also implemented a Python script that can interpret an intersection scenario and solve it using a Simplex algorithm. We compared efficiency against a simulation of a traffic light.

Diagram showing time spent waiting
Diagram comparing the time lost on the intersection using our algorithm vs. a traffic light.

To find a solution to the problem the intersection is discretized into four sections and each cars requests different slots from the intersection in order to cross it. Then, together with other constraints such as the minimum and maximum speed of each car, the intersection finds a schedule such that each car can cross the intersection without crashing using the Simplex algorithm.

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