Eric Cornelissen

Hey there 👋 I'm software engineering and open source enthusiast with an interest in security and usability. You can find me and my work right here or at the links below.

Fluent Terminal

A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies.


As an early user of this terminal emulator for Windows 10, I decided I wanted to help develop it. Unfamiliar with UWP and not fluent in C# I decided to start with a fairly simple requested feature: an about section in the settings window. In collaboration with the project owner I implemented this in Pull Request #103.

Preview of about section in settings window
Preview of the About section in settings window.

Second, I started working on an option to disable the system tray icon as implemented in #142. This option allows one to hide FluentTerminal from the Windows system tray by toggling a switch in the settings. After restarting the application the change will take effect.

Preview of Show in system tray option
Preview of "Show in system tray" option.

On top of that I worked on or participated in the following threads:

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